Skin Peels

Skin peels are a clinically proven way to treat
●Skin laxity
●Crows Feet
●Sun damaged skin
●Under eye puffiness
●Rough dull skin
●Enlarged pores
●Oily and acne prone skin
●Dry sensitive skin

Treatment Explained

The peels can enhance injectable rejuvenation such as Botox® or dermal fillers or may be given as an effective stand alone treatment. The differing peel types can be discussed and a treatment plan will be formulated during consultation, some peels need skin preparation before and others need some down time after, when peeling is evident. However these peels work on a deeper level to stimulate cell renewal, collegen growth and diminish dead cells, tackling fine lines and scarring.
A one off or starter peel is also avalible which is a lovely way to exfoliate the skin's surface and help with skin problems such as rosacea working at a deeper level. There is no down time so perfect for a special occasion peel.




Standard Treatments

One off peel single treatment


Deeper Medical Grade Peels


Single Treatment


Course of 6 over 6 months (Recommended)

£550 (Saving £50)

Skin Tech®
Easy TCA, Easy TCA Pain control

Course of 4 including 3 skin care products


Our Products

NeoStrata® is a scientifically advanced, clinically proven skin care to visably resurface, restore and refine your skin so you look refreshed and rejuvenated.
Skin Tech® have over 20 years of clinical experience with chemical peels. TCA peels are used to treat aging skin, photo ageing of the skin and are particularly effective in the treatment of acne.
These medical grade peels can only be delivered by a qualified healthcare professional.

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What can I Expect?

A free consultation will allow a plan to be created to suit you. Treatment options will be discussed and questions welcomed. Once the consultation process is complete a photograph will be taken for review purposes and are 100% confidential. An appointment will be made for treatment at a later date.
The peel is applied with a brush or cotton buds and after a few minutes neutralising foam or soothing cream depending on the peel is applied. Post peel creams and skin care advice will be given.
It is vital that you protect your skin from the damage that UVA and UVB rays cause by using a sufficient UVA/UVB sunblock. Please do not touch or rub the treated areas. You may gently apply mineral makeup post treatment or you may apply your normal makeup once any redness has calmed. Avoid any changes of temperature until all redness has settled completely.
The side effects created are rare and mild in nature, and are normally a direct result of the effect of the peel, such as itching caused by the regeneration of new skin cells taking place.