Botox and fillers near me in Surrey for anti wrinkle treatments

Anti Wrinkle Treatments

These are available to both men and women and are commonly known as Botox® which is the world’s most popular anti-wrinkle treatment and the only medical treatment approved by the FDA, which will temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe wrinkles in adults. We only use 100% genuine Botox®, supplied by the manufacturer Allergan. The treatment is very safe when administered by a qualified professional the benefits can usually be seen within 2-3 days and can last between 3-5 months. The treatment allows your skin to smooth out and wrinkles and creases to soften without resorting to surgery.

New to Botox® ?

Doses of Botox® can be adjusted to suit clients needs. If you are new to Botox® and just want to try it or you have very fine lines a smaller dose can give excellent natural looking results. These results last less than a full dose, usually between 6-10 weeks.

Treatment Explained

Botox® is injected in tiny doses into the muscles of the face that cause wrinkles. It is localised and has no effect on structures outside of the muscle.
It is a safe, relatively quick and painless procedure using a very fine needle.
Treatment areas suitable are:
Forehead and frown lines
Crows feet, laughter and bunny lines
Gummy smile and down turned mouth
Neck and jaw line lift (known as Nephertiti lift)
Teeth grinding reduction, this involves small amounts of Botox® into the masseter(jaw) muscle, to soften the muscle and can give a smooth jaw line appearance
Excessive sweating, this is called hyperhidrosis and Botox® can be used in small amounts in the muscles to treat this.
Prior to treatment alcohol should be avoided for 24 hours.
Treatment is not recommended if you are taking antibiotics.
Treatment is not permanent, so clients should anticipate retreatments every few months to prevent further wrinkles appearing although time between appointments should lengthen with regular use.




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We only use genuine Allergan Botox®
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What can I Expect?

A free consultation will allow a plan to be created to suit you. Treatment options will be discussed and questions welcomed. Once the consultation process is complete a photograph will be taken for review purposes and are 100% confidential.
The Skin will be marked with a non-permanent soft pencil where the injections will take place. Botox® is then given with a fine needle.
A free review appointment is avalible but must be taken up before 3 weeks as ajustments can only be made during this time period. No further Botox® treatment can be given before 12 weeks.

Following treatments:
● Do not massage the area
● Avoid excercise for 24 hours
● Avoid makeup for 12 hours
● Stay upright for 3 - 4 hours
● Avoid alcohol for 12 hours

Any problems or concerns following treatment do not hesitate to contact the clinic by phone or email.